The History of Cannabis Strains

The staff at Matchbox Cannabis share some of the interesting history of cannabis and how the products we enjoy today are related to ancient strains of this fascinating plant. 

Cannabis is an ancient plant that can be traced back for thousands of years and has grown both in the wild and farmed all over the globe. It is believed that the earliest species of the cannabis plant originated in Neolithic times (about 12,000 years ago) in either East or Central Asia. Researchers have traced the modern hemp and recreational cannabis plants that are widely available today all the way back to cultivars that were grown approximately 4,000 years. Many experts believe that cannabis is the oldest cultivated crop in human history. 

To Tatyana Parkanskaia, COO of Matchbox Cannabis, cannabis is normal part of her diet just like other common crops available. “Cannabis is a plant and I look at it like a vegetable and we all know that vegetables are a must in our dietary regime, so I consume cannabis, whether I eat it, drink it, or smoke it,” she says. 

Strains and Their Origins

Just like other vegetables in our modern diet, cannabis has a long history that has resulted in what we currently find in stores. According to the helpful staff at Matchbox Cannabis, the strains of cannabis that they currently stock are directly related to ancient cultivars from around the world. 

  • Mexican Skunk

The popular strain of cannabis called Mexican Skunk can be traced all the way back to its origins in the southern province of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico. This strain is a sativa and is currently available under the names Sensi Star, Pineapple Express, and Super Silver Haze. At Matchbox Cannabis, Mexican Skunk can be found in products by the brand Citizen Stash and in products like Sensi Star Pre-Rolls and Pineapple Express 510 and PAX pod. 

  • Columbian Gold

Columbian Gold is a sativa that also originated in Oaxaca and was grown in the Santa Marta mountains of Columbia. Find this strain in Jack Herer, Mango Haze, and Black Cherry Punch. Matchbox Cannabis carries a few Columbian Gold products including Color Mango Haze and Wana Mango Gummies. 

  • Hindu Kush

This indica originated in the mountains between Central Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. Hindu Kush is currently marketed as Pink Kush, Ultra Sour, and Purple Kush and can be found in products like Wayfare 510 cartridge Pink Kush, Rad Pink Kush shatter, Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms, and Namaste. 

  • Thai Haze

This strain, which is a sativa, originated in Northeast Thailand along the Khorat Plateau. Look for strains like Chemdog, Headband, and Lemon Barry to find cannabis related to the Thai Haze strain. Products like Houseplant’s Lemon Sparkling Drink fall into this category. 

“The history of cannabis strains and how they relate to what we find in stores today teaches us that the future is greener,” says Tatyana. 

For more information about the history and lineage of cannabis, visit the helpful staff at Matchbox Cannabis. They are keen to talk about this fascinating plant and all it has to offer. Matchbox Cannabis is located at 275 Second Line West in Sault Ste. Marie or check them out on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.