Using cannabis doesn’t have to involve smoking. The COO of Matchbox Cannabis explains the many different ways that users can enjoy cannabis products.  

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the market has exploded and that means many innovative producers have come up with a huge variety of ways in which cannabis can be consumed. Of course, rolling a joint is still a popular, but did you know that there are many different options out there? 

According to Tatyana Parkanskaia, COO of Matchbox Cannabis, customers are looking for everything from traditional flower to edibles and topicals. There really is a cannabis product for every lifestyle and preferences. Matchbox Cannabis offers an extensive menu of cannabis that are available in many different forms. 


The most classic way to consume cannabis is by smoking a joint. Retailers offer an extensive menu of dried cannabis flower meant to be either smoked or vaporized and inhaled. People enjoy inhaling cannabis because it is fairly fast to feel the effects and the selection of flowers are vast. Flower can be purchased loose or in pre-rolled joints. 


Vaporizers are increasing in popularity because they avoid the ash and particles produced through traditional smoking. Cannabis can either be ground and inserted into a vaporizer or a cartridge of cannabis concentrate can be used. The effects of vaporized cannabis can be felt as quickly as with smoking a joint.


Edibles is a large category at the cannabis dispensary and includes cannabis-infused products that you eat or drink. Popular products include soft chews, chocolate, beverages, and strips that dissolve under the tongue. Since edible cannabis products must be metabolized, it can take a little longer for the effects to be felt. 


Cannabis can be absorbed through the skin which makes topicals another interesting product to try. A cannabis-infused bath bomb or body lotion are often enjoyed by users looking for an enjoyable way to relax at the end of a hard day. 

With the variety of cannabis products always increasing, the key to trying something new is to ask questions. Tatyana and her team can help to provide insight into any item on their menu. 

“We are there to provide you with the knowledge to curate the personal experience right for each individual. Not everyone smokes and there are so many ways to enjoy cannabis,” says Tatyana. “We don’t think there are any stupid questions. Our team is approachable. We will listen to you and give you the best suggestions possible.”Check out Matchbox Cannabis’ complete menu online, call them at (705) 575-WEED, or visit them in person at 275 Second Line West in Sault Ste. Marie. They offer delivery or pickup options 7 days a week.