Edibles are an incredibly popular way for people to consume cannabis. At Matchbox Cannabis, our customers love cannabis-infused beverages, gummies, chocolates, powders, and other treats. Did you know that edibles don’t have to stop there? You can actually cook up your own fun creations at home using cannabis oil. 

How to Use Cannabis in Cooking

We’ve all heard the stories from the 1960s of our parents or grandparents making pot brownies. Though cannabis use has changed a lot since then, the concept of infusing food with cannabis is still very much the same. Adding cannabis oil to your cooking and baking turns your favourite recipes into edible delights. 

Cooking with cannabis oil is fairly straightforward. Simply incorporate the desired amount of oil in with the other fats in the recipe like vegetable oils, butter, margarine, or shortening. 

In order to determine how much oil to use, it is important to test it out in advance so you know its potency. Start by adding a small amount of cannabis oil and adjust it accordingly until you find the perfect balance. Each person is different so the amount you add will be a purely personal preference. 

Cannabis oil can be added to baked goods, like the reliable brownie, but it can also be added to a variety of other foods. If you are in the mood for sweets, try adding it to cookies, cakes, or even icing. For more savoury dishes, cannabis oil works well in sauces and gravies. 

Tips on Using Cannabis Oil

There are a few things that you should remember when cooking with cannabis. For best results, keep in mind these tips: 

  • Record how much cannabis oil you use so you can easily adjust it the next time you make the recipe. 
  • Try different oils to determine which ones you like the best. 
  • Make sure you thoroughly mix the cannabis oil in so there is an equal distribution throughout the entire dish. 
  • Keep an eye on the temperature. High heat can ruin cannabinoids and low heat may not activate the THC. 
  • Measure and be consistent so you are getting the perfect amount of cannabis oil in each serving. 

Choosing the Best Oil for Your Recipes

There are a number of different cannabis oils on the market and the type you cook with depends on your own personal preferences. At Matchbox Cannabis, we carry a range of oils that include high CBD, high THC, and hybrid oils. Some oils may have more potent terpenes or interesting flavour profiles that can complement certain foods well. Experimenting with cannabis oil combinations in different dishes can become a very rewarding hobby. 

If you are not sure what type of cannabis oil to start with, ask one of our helpful staff members for some recommendations. We are always happy to help in any way that we can. 

Whether you are whipping up a batch of fun brownies or are cooking up a gourmet cannabis cream sauce, keep notes so you can perfect your creations over time. Enjoy and have fun in the kitchen!