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  • Breaking Down Stereotypes: Women in the Cannabis Industry
    The territory manager at Matchbox Cannabis in Sault Ste. Marie is an incredible role model for women in the male-dominated industry. Read more.
    Breaking Down Stereotypes: Women in the Cannabis Industry
  • Crossing Steeles: Cannabis Options for York Region
    Matchbox Cannabis is opening its new store on Steeles Avenue, just a few metres from York Region. Read more.
    Crossing Steeles: Cannabis Options for York Region
  • It's Summer ... Time to Explore the Humber River
    One of the hidden treasures of the GTA: the Humber River, not only is important from an ecological standpoint, but it is one of the great recreation areas in the city.
    It's Summer ... Time to Explore the Humber River
  • Toronto’s Junction: A Geocaching Paradise
    Whenever we need to get from point A to point B, we simply open an app on our phones, type in an address, and follow a map to our destinations.
    Toronto’s Junction: A Geocaching Paradise
  • The West Toronto Railpath: Our West End Urban Treasure
    In many ways, the history of The Junction neighbourhood in Toronto is a microcosm of the evolution of the entire city. Keep reading.
    The West Toronto Railpath: Our West End Urban Treasure

Our Responsibility

At Matchbox, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility

Our responsibility to our customers

We are dedicated to promoting the use of cannabis products of the best caliber, that can be used safely. We strive to help our customers understand what they are purchasing and how it will benefit them, as well as what the risks are.

Our responsibility to public safety

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to doing business. It is not our goal to push our customers to make uninformed purchases just so the cannabis industry can make money. We want to see the right products go to the right customers, and we will always provide full disclosure regarding any risks or safety concerns.

Our responsibility to truth and knowledge

We know that there are many misconceptions about cannabis and whether it is safe to use. It is our goal to ensure that the information we provide is factual and relevant, and free from the sensationalism that is flooding the Internet these days.

Our responsibility to the enviornment

Not only do we care about our customers, we care about where our cannabis comes from and how it is grown. We have reputable growers who use ethical, sustainable practices, and who have respect for the plants that give us the cannabis.

Our responsibility to our youth

In Canada, recreational use of cannabis is allowed as long as you are 19 or older (18 in Alberta and Quebec). These age restrictions are there for a reason, and we believe all cannabis retailers should have thorough checks in place to ensure that no one can purchase cannabis unless they are legally allowed to consume it.

Knowing The Risks

If you are looking for more information about specific cannabis strains or products, or about cannabis in general, check out our Enlighten page and browse our blog. If there are any questions that are unanswered, contact us and a customer service agent will tell you everything you need to know. A word about safety: although cannabis is safe for the vast majority of people, it is not for everybody. If you are ready to purchase and use cannabis, we urge you do to so safely and responsibly.

We encourage you to exercise caution and seek advice from a licensed medical professional before making a purchase if:

• You are a first-time cannabis user
• You are under the age of 25
• You have struggled with addiction or substance abuse in the past
• You have a history of mental illness
• You have a respiratory ailment or you experience difficulty breathing

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